django-tabination is a library that enables you to easily build your own tab navigation based on class based views.

The main idea behind this library is that the properties of the tabs are defined inside the view and aren’t stored in the database. The database based approach (which is used for example by django-sitetree or django-treenav, often based on django-mptt) is great for CMS-like projects with users editing the pages directly via the admin, but it causes many problems when the pages are mainly coded directly in the views because the navigation is then not tracked by your version control system and can be off-sync / inconsistent between different versions or systems.

There are also projects that provide a set of template tags to mark a page as active, which can then be used to render the navigation template accordingly (e.g. django-tabs). But that solution is very limited and not as flexible as django-tabination.

django-tabination allows you to create tabs directly in your class based views by settings some specific attributes. This can be simplified even further by creating a common base class for all your tab views that handles all the logic necessary to build a dynamically configured tab navigation.

Features include conditional displaying/hiding of a tab, translation of the tab labels, tab hierarchies to build multi-level navigations and more.

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